Biking with Mission StatementDespite sincere efforts to promote health and reduce disparities, vulnerable communities in SW Washington continue to struggle. The impacts ripple through multiple systems, including healthcare, social services, and criminal justice and play out in the daily lives of our family, friends, and neighbors.

In a world of profound inter-connectivity, we no longer need to work alone in our usual silos expecting better community health to somehow appear on the horizon. Collaboration among all levels of government and public sectors is needed, and the Healthy Living Collaborative is designed to achieve this.

Watch to meet some of the HLC’s many wonderful partners and to hear  up close and personal about the great work being done in health equity .

Click on this link to read the HLC Platform (Strategy Document) 2015


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Health Engagement & Prevention
The Healthy Living Collaborative always starts with community based needs and responds with community-based strategies. A network of peer-to-peer Community Health Workers (CHWs) helps the HLC bridge those efforts to larger reform in a meaningful way. To read more about the development and impact of Community Health Workers, subscribe to our RSS Feed by clicking the icon in the top right corner.  
Health in All Policies

Health in All Policies

The HLC works from the ground up, from Community Health Workers gaining insight into their local communities of health to large scale legislative policy changes. A very important key feature of the Healthy Living Collaborative is  advocacy for health policies at the state level. We advocate for current reform and remain informed on key and current legislative issues through strategic partnerships with state lobbying groups. To be kept up to date on issues of health advocacy, subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking the icon in the top right corner.
Partnership Work & Funding

Partnership Work & Funding

Our partners throughout the region are doing great work to promote healthy living across sectors. By emailing us at the Healthy Living Collaborative, you can be added to our HLC News List to receive periodic updates about the great projects being undertaken by the Healthy Living Collaborative and our partners who are working together to make live better ... for everyone.