HLC is recruiting new members for its leadership committees

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The Healthy Living Collaborative seeks engaged community members to be part of is HLC and Policy Committees.  The HLC Committee is a new addition and will be responsible for advising on HLC’s overall direction, making sure work stays true to its vision and mission, and ensuring long term viability of HLC.  The Policy Committee provides leadership on current and proposed policy and system change strategies. We will be recruiting 2-6 new Policy Committee Members and forming the new HLC Committee with 7- 13 members. We have identified a need to strengthen the makeup of our leadership committees to be more representative of our region and to represent different ages, disability status, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. We are seeking members that are deeply connected to the communities they serve or represent, and are passionate for the work HLC does. Applications are due December 7th and can be found here.

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