Health in all policies and systems

We support incorporating health considerations into decision‐making across sectors and policy areas for long term change.

Community engagement and action

We elevate community voices and support the strength and power of communities.

  • Community Health Worker teams meet regularly to learn, plan, and act together on community priority issues.
  • Health equity is being integrated into all of our collective work.

Connections across diverse organizations and communities

We work together across diverse sectors and across communities to address the factors that impact health outcomes.

  • Strengthening Community Engagement through supporting the CHAPS Network and the Community Advisory – Behavioral Health Advisory Board for the Regional Health Alliance.
  • Healthcare Delivery: Work with partners to increase engagement of non-physicians in hypertension and diabetes prevention and management.
  • Healthy Environments: Work with partners to implement worksite wellness, healthy local foods, and safe walkable communities.
  • Economic & Social Development: Work with partners to implement an education-focused CHW at McLoughlin Middle School.
  • Lifestyle Change Programs: Work with partners to expand Diabetes Prevention Program; train CHWS in hypertension, diabetes; and home blood pressure monitoring; and ensure our referral systems are robust.
  • Diabetes Network Leadership Team
  • 211 Info
  • CHAPS Network
  • BHAB Meeting Minutes

Shared learning

We work better together when we share our challenges and opportunities.

  • HLC partners meet quarterly to discuss shared vision, learnings, challenges, and opportunities.
  • HLC staff regularly communicate with all partners.
  • Funders group meets annually to receive progress report on shared investments and supports a shared vision.
  • Community Health Advocates and Peer Supports (CHAPS) Network promotes professional development opportunities, advocates for workforce development related to the peer skill set; and raises awareness among local systems of care about the value that local Peer activities add to these systems.
  • Community Connections workgroup is developing a prototype data system that aggregates data from different sectors and uses them to build comprehensive, contextually informed approaches to community health.
  • Evaluation of HLC and CHW program is completed annually.
  • 2017 Evaluation Executive Summary
  • CHAPS Network
  • Quarterly Updates
  • Newsletters