OUR MISSION: The Healthy Living Collaborative (HLC), as a core component of the Southwest Washington Accountable Community of Health (SWACH), focuses on policy systems and environmental change to improve health and wellness, strengthen families, neighborhoods, and systems, in order to ensure health equity

HLC Fact SheetThe HLC was founded in 2013 by system leaders from multiple sectors including healthcare, social services, education, housing and a tribal nation. At the core of the HLC’s work is the belief that 1) we best serve our most vulnerable communities if we work together and 2) our work must be done with communities, not to or for them.

We focus on promoting health equity by crafting upstream solutions that support community-based initiatives to improve health and wellness and strengthen families, neighborhoods, and systems. Because of our commitment to community engagement, we launched a network of neighborhood-based Community Health Workers (CHWs).

CHWs work directly with their neighbors to address the consequences of multi-generational racial, economic, social, and health inequities. They help identify and address basic needs, connect neighbors to one another and to service providers, and improve community health by activating capacity and empowering local action. They amplify the voices of their vulnerable and marginalized neighbors and ensure that the HLC’s strategies and advocacy platform is designed and carried out in response to community wisdom.

The HLC has been successful at organizing communities and impacting policy change through the CHW network, the cross-sector Policy Committee, and over 60 organizational partners. The HLC Executive Director was recognized for her leadership in community engagement and awarded the Washington State Public Health Association (WSPHA) 2016 Health Champion Award. The HLC amplifies the community voices of southwest Washington by participating in many state leadership committees.