SW CHAPS is a growing grassroots network of community-based community health advocates and certified peers, serving the communities across the Southwest WA region, who come together to learn, support one another, and share ideas and best practices. SW CHAPS also facilitates input from the network to affect positive outcomes in the larger system of care.



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SW CHAPS (Southwest WA Community Health Advocates and Peer Support) network brings together Southwest Washington’s Community Health Workers, Community Health Advocates, Certified Peer Specialists, Promotor/as de Salud, Community Health Representatives, Lay Health Workers, Parent Advocates, and Peer Mental Health Counselors who are representatives of people in underserved communities for shared learning and support.

Professional & Educational Development and Training.

SW CHAPS invites experts from the various health care sectors to participate on panels, to make presentations, and to provide training for further development of the network members. SW CHAPS also provides awareness of trainings and events happening locally and regionally.

Community Advisory and Advocacy. 

SW CHAPS elevates community voices and supports the strength and power of communities through efforts in local and statewide advocacy and by obtaining and delivering feedback to organizations and systems of health for more effective policies.


Contact: coordcommittee@swchaps.net

More information: http://www.swchaps.net